Meet The Dream Team

We are LGBTQ+ photographers based in Florida and anywhere else our photography takes us!

We have 2 LGBTQ+ Photographers on the Dream Team.

Octavia and Kate!


Octavia is 26 years old, from.. well.. I guess you can say everywhere. She's lived in many states across the US, and has traveled abroad. She currently works in the medical field as an RBT. She has a passion for Portrait and Weddings.

"I love being able to freeze time. Capture a moment in time where.. maybe we're laughing, maybe we're crying, but these photos... 50 years from now .. will invoke the same emotion you felt when we took that photo."


Kate is 27 years old , from sunny and beautiful Palm Springs, California!

She currently works as an assistant manager in retail. She has a great eye for portraits, but her heart will forever lie with landscape photography.

"I love being able to see what others might not, there is beauty in everything that surrounds us!"



“I've used Octavia for multiple shoots. She's not only professional but she's fun!
She's done my husband and I's couple photos, she's done our family Christmas photos, and she's taken picture of our children. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants not only amazing photos but a fun time.”